Reflexology is a massage of certain pressure points on the feet that connect to other parts of the body through the nervous system.

So essentially reflexology is a form of massage therapy, focussed on both of the feet.

Each of the pressure points on your feet connect to a specific body part, so any condition or symptom you may have can be treated, so feel free to get in contact to discuss any issues you may be experiencing.

Some of the more common things I treat with reflexology are: low energy levels; poor circulation; headaches and migraines; stress and anxiety; insomnia and other sleep disorders, and helping to detoxify the body.

It restores the body’s natural balance and a person normally feels very relaxed after a treatment. And this state of relaxation, when the parasympathetic nervous system is active, is when the body heals and detoxifies itself.

Most of us only ever enter this state whilst asleep, so this is particularly beneficial for those of us who are ‘always on the go’.

Sessions cost £20 and typically last 45 minutes.

I am located in West Derby Village, Liverpool, here, a very central location on several bus routes, and plenty of parking spaces nearby.